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About Vale Health

Vale Health was established in 2006 as a for-profit, limited company, by a group of entreprenneurial clinicians and managers working in primary care. Their objective was to exploit the very real, significant and arguably unique business opportunity created by the introduction of practice based commissioning in the NHS. The Company was uniquely placed to draw on its shareholders' knowledge of local health needs, the environment and the local health economy in which healthcare was to be commissioned. Further, because shareholders had individually and collectively established strong collaborative working relationships with local stakeholders this helped the Company to both tailor service provision to meet commissioning requirements and facilitate the provision of services. The Company's share ownership is currently restricted to members of the "NHS family", notably GPs and Practice Managers.

From 2007 until 2012 the Company worked with Commissioners and successfully provided a range of NHS services for the people of Buckinghamshire. During this period Vale Health both collaborated and competed with Chiltern Health Ltd and it became very clear that in order to try and take full advantage of commissioning opportunities, both organisations needed to quickly grow their management and financial resource and stop competing to provide the same services. Further it had become very clear that for an organisation to be deemed credible and a suitable bidder for any substantial NHS service being commissioned, it had to be able to demonstrate both a robust management structure and very significant financial assets. "Going it alone" would unquestionably limit the contracts the companies could tender for and also was very likely to mean that the high management cost involved in tendering for NHS contracts would be financially ruinous.

Vale Health and Chiltern Health had already collaborated very successfully in BUCA LLP and other projects, therefore, it was felt that a joint venture partnership would create a much more substantial and credible organisation. Also, integrating the companies, both of which were "business partners of the NHS", by merging their provider organisations would have other synergies. It would enable the more active pursuit of new business, reduce infrastructure costs and allow much more efficient use of staff. The ethos of the companies is the same, with an underlying philosophy of utilising local clinicians, supporting local GP practices and making the best possible use of available NHS resources in order to improve the quality of healthcare for patients in Buckinghamshire whilst generating maximum profit. Therefore, early in 2012 the Vale Health and Chiltern Health Boards agreed to form a joint venture operating company partnership, Chiltern Vale Health (2012) LLP. This new organisation would take on the contracts for all the existing services being delivered by each company, tender for NHS services commissioned in the future by Clinical Commissioning Groups and offer a range of private clinical services. The organisation, trading as CV Health, became operational on 1 April 2012.

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In 2009 Vale Health Ltd entered into a consortium - Buckinghamshire Urgent Care Alliance LLP - as an equal partner with Harmoni Ltd (now owned byCare UK Ltd), the major national provider of NHS out-of-hours services and Chiltern Health Ltd and successfully bid for the NHS Urgent Care Contract for Buckinghamshire. This, initially, five year contract which commenced in March 2010 provides a range of services including out-of-hours GP services, a single point of access for urgent hospital referrals, reduction in unnecessary hospital admissions and a primary care based Minor Injuries and Illness Unit at Wycombe General Hospital.

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