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The Executive Board of Vale Health is made up of elected representatives from Vale of Aylesbury practices.

From April 2009 the Board Members are:

  • Dr Mark Howcutt (Chair)
  • Dr Jonathan Pryse
  • Dr Martin Thornton
  • John Butler (Commercial Director and Company Secretary)
  • Gareth Collings

All the above are Directors of Vale Health and each has responsibility for some aspect of the business.

The main duties and delegated powers of Director are:

  • To be responsible for the supervision, management and control of the business;
  • To maintain adequate functional, financial and management information systems;
  • To report to the shareholders on financial and business performance;
  • To take remedial action in the event of non-performance;
  • To recommend (to shareholders) courses of action, recommend strategy and to highlight significant variances and issues to be addressed;
  • To ensure that the Company acts in accordance with the law and within the terms of the Shareholders’ Agreement;
  • To negotiate and enter into material contracts as necessary and conduct reviews thereof;
  • To manage the contractual relationships;
  • To convene and conduct meetings of the shareholders;
  • To be responsible for maintaining adequate systems for monitoring the overall performance of the activity against the benchmarks agreed within contracts of supply;
  • To supply a report of variances against budget on a quarterly basis to all shareholders;
  • To provide strategic direction and leadership to the staff;
  • To ensure that legal compliance and robust governance provisions are in place; and
  • To deal with any material distribution of reserves in accordance with the Shareholders’ Agreement.

Contact with Vale Health in the first instance should be made through: 
John Butler(e-mail:

The Registered Office for Vale Health Limited is Pannell House, Park Street, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4HN
Company Registration Number 5821585